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The Mouse House


For Mouse Lovers.
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Welcome to m_o_u_s_e, the community for pet mouse lovers! My hope is that this community grows, and becomes a valuable resource for mouse owners, lovers and enthusiasts. I have a few simple guidelines, so please observe them below:

1. Let's keep this community positive. For those of you who don't know what "positive" means, I encourage you to visit www.m-w.com. That being said, no flaming, no hate speech, nothing like that. Debates are okay, but not arguments. There is a difference. However, if things get out of hand, I will exersize my moderator rights and delete things unapologetically. Damn straight.

2. Let's keep this community clear. This simply means no promotions. If you absolutely must promote a community, the promo must be mouse-related and behind an LJ cut with the topic of the post as "Promo." Also, please, no more than one picture without an LJ-cut. This is really important for the sake of my and everyone else's friends page.

3. Let's keep this community clean. Simply put, no excessive profanity. I say "excessive" because I'm guilty of casual swearing. Just nothing that would be heard on The Osbornes, alrighty?

4. We're all adults here. Thusly, if you can't take differing opinions, then you really shouldn't be a part of society. It's fine to ask questions, but when you reply to advice or opinions with a bad attitude, it automatically makes you a jerk.

Okay. Remember, the point of this community is to inform, educate, swap ideas and opinions and have fun. Don't forget that last part, it's big for a reason!

***If you are a feeder-breeder or culler, please consider another mouse community or a herpers community.***

Other mouse-related communities:

No advice or opinions offered in this community should ever substitute veterinary attention. It should also be known that veterinary attention is not optional in pet care. Don't be surprised to be told this.

Your mods/maintainers are: darksong17, skeletoncrew and mongrel.